Want More




Never be satisfied or ‘rest on your laurels’.

Every day ‘want more’.

Every day seek My face and long for more intimacy and depth and insight and understanding and deeper knowledge and more freedom and practical obedience and relationship.

It’s a year of ‘want‘.

Where people have been easily satisfied and placated and ‘full’ from distractions and unnecessary things (the extraneous), there will now be a hunger and thirst for righteousness and holiness.

People will see their great need. They will no longer be allowed to ignore the ‘chasm’ between what they purport to believe and what actually is and what is expected.

Holiness and truth will be seen as the power that it is…. to uproot, to tear down, to deconstruct falsehoods and to construct ‘structures’ that will stand and withstand the onslaught.

No more compromise.

All that is built on sand will be found wanting and waning and be easily seen for what it ‘is’, no matter how ‘impressive’ it has ‘looked’ in the past… it will be seen for what it is.

And out of My graciousness, people will be led (even through disasters) to build upon the ROCK, the only place that is not being shaken.

No compromise.

More truth, more obedience, more commitment… do not settle or you will slip. It’s a slippery slope.  My Word is the only place to stand.

Feet shod in the gospel of peace, undeterred by ‘outside happenings’.

Be about My business.

Do not be neutral.

Know that you stand on and for true truth, and stand.

Firm. Immovable. Rooted. With a ‘yes’ and ‘so be it’ as I ask.

It will come in the crucible: character, real JOY, MORE.

Wrap up:
It’s a year of ‘wanting MORE’. Want it, take it and eat, and see that I am good.

You will have a ‘leg up’ and enter with an advantage of preparedness.

Press. Put your shoulder to it.

Be ready for anything.



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