Ask Me to Refine Your Wants and Desires


‘Ask Me a question.’

Lord, give me the question.

‘Ask Me about welfare.’

What are You saying about welfare?


‘It is not in your best interest and good for your welfare to give you all that you want. It’s not that I’m just ‘withholding’, it’s that I am working for your good.

Ask Me to refine your wants and desires and see then what you ask for. It will be very different and probably unexpected.’


Lord, refine our wants and desires. What do You want us to want and ask for?


‘Holiness, righteousness, cleanliness, and love.

Ask to rise up to the measure of My worth. How do I deserve you to live? What does it look like for you to live in a manner worthy?

You’re so used to it all being about you, making it ‘easier and happier’ for you, lowering the standard so that you can do it.  You were never meant to do it.

The bar is high so that you know you ‘can’t’ and are in great, desperate need of a Savior and a supernatural power TO ‘DO’.

I never intended that you live independent of Me and happy about it.

You are built to be desperate for Me, to abide in Me, for apart from Me you can do nothing.

What you tend to ‘want and ask for’ is essentially to be self-sufficiently happy, with all your desires fully fulfilled.

That is not in your best welfare, as it lends itself to ‘independent’, content living and complacency and an unhealthy, ungodly ‘rest’.

Instead take My rest. My yoke is easy and My burden is light, but I never promised ‘comfortable’ .

I promised rather the opposite.

It is granted unto you to suffer for My Name’s sake, but you pray against the very thing I promised.

Let Me refine your requests.



(4/18/16 in my journal)


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