Leading You Into the Improbable


“O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.”  1 Chron. 16:34

I love you with an everlasting love

never failing

and I will not let you fall

I hold your heart, with its fears and dreams and longings, in My hands

as the All-Sufficient One

I will carry you, that you may be bold and resolute and biblically correct and loving and caring and honest and upright and righteous and holy

I make a way

Just follow My lead

even if it looks like you are headed right into the insurmountable and you wonder what in the world I’m thinking taking you there, up against the “Red Sea”

Trust Me

Cry out to Me

Believe Me

I can and will do things (I WORK) in ways that you can’t even come up with in your imagination.

Watch as I take you to the cusp (the edge) of the possible and lead you to step into impossible odds, insurmountable obstacles, and the improbable.  Oh, it makes no difference WITH ME. Have you not learned that in My Word, that Word that is true and is for lessons of LIFE?  Being thrown into a pit, sent to jail, etc, etc, (even crucified) only furthers MY cause, never hinders .

Let HOPE rise!

Keep moving forward.

Mark the way with signposts, declarations of Who I Am, because Who I AM is all that matters on your journey.  Who am I? Your Provider, Protector, Power, Guide, your Hope, your Bold Confidence

Step up and take your place.

As you call upon and put to use the treasure that is placed within you, you will overcome the assignment of the enemy against your assignment.

From a platform of JOY.

Oh, to see you risk it!

Come and see. Marvel. Weep that you would settle for any less.

BELIEVE ME over your fears.

Wonders. Miracles.

Risk failure. And see Me MOVE.

Just take the next step in love. And believe what I say.

Can you out-believe Me?! Can you believe Me for too much?



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