Do It


You know, someday you really are going to have to rise up and step across that invisible  ‘line’ of ‘safety’.

You are going to have to do it to actually DO ‘it’ (whatever that longing is that God has put in your heart).

Step across that ‘line’ and find Him faithful.


What if the internal fear and opposition is really only the enemy intimidating you to keep you paralyzed?

It’s time to stop ‘agreeing’ with the enemy’s intimidation.

It’s time to repent of spending so much time and energy ‘bowing’ to what the world might think, while ignoring the Savior’s instructions.

Repentance means changing your mind and behavior. Are you ready to change?

Life really is too short and the times are too serious to live afraid and fearful and to hold back.

Be bold and brave and BE who you ARE.

Be who He has called you
and meet freedom AS YOU GO FORWARD.

Step over the line of fear.



Oh, Lord increase our faith.

And may we just take that first step (even if we have to do it scared) and find You so faithful.

What first step can you do TODAY?   Do it.

Write it down and follow through.



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