‘Beyond’ the Box


“I move in mysterious ways and have PLANS that you couldn’t even think up.

I just work so differently than your limited thinking can imagine.

And I make a way.

It seems that there is no way in a situation?

I can reverse it in a split second.

So think beyond the ‘box’, not just outside it.

Think beyond the limits, beyond your ‘current’ abilities or limitations.

Press. Move forward.

And hear what the Lord God is saying to the church,

Wake up, My bride. The Bridegroom is ready. Ready yourselves. Oil in your lamps. The wedding feast is about to begin….with the richest of fare.  Take your seat. Take part. Accept the invitation. Hear it and say ‘yes, yes’.

Don’t just hear the words and delight in them. Let the invitation change you.

Knowing Who I am and therefore who you are in Me, go forth in that truth, that authority, that bold confidence and DO and BE My will.

Take My Presence.

Take My joy.

Take My power, My love, My light

and shine for all to see and to glorify Me.


It’s about Me. You have no greater joy than being about Me.

So go BE. Don’t worry about what You’ll say. I’ll place it in your mouth.

Go give hope, and light up a needy world.

And contend for My promises.

Don’t settle.

I say yes and amen to your dreams and desires and will grow fruit and oaks of righteousness.


What you long for comes by prayer and fasting and seeking My face to have My message.

I long to give it!

You can trust ME.”




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