An Invitation


Come, Beloved, Come.


Delve into My Word,

living and active (Hebrews 4:12),


and MOVING, not static or stuck.


Want to get ‘unstuck’?


Here is where to START and finish

(and all the in between parts).


But it’s so hard to believe, that the answer would be just that simple, isn’t it?


Like the instructions ‘go and wash’ for Namaan to be healed from leprosy seemed too offensively uncomplicated (2 kings 5:10-15), what you desire feels like such a tall order, that you neglect the simple solution.


Go wash yourself in the Word… mind, body, soul….BELIEVING it!



and then stretch a little farther..

belief, faith, BEYOND..


and take Me at My Word..


Mix it with FAITH (Hebrews 4:2)… what a cleansing concoction!


Church, what if you just believed that, took Me at My Word, and stopped trying to make it so complicated?


Oh, the things you and I could do, the baggage we could leave behind, the healing we would find…




Stretch a little farther.  Come, taste, and see, that I Am GOOD, I Am Enough, and I Am all you need, the answer to your questions and every problem.


What do you want?


whatever your answer is presently, the real answer is:


You want Me, and I am right here present.

My banner over you is love.


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  • Love this. I picked the phone up to dial you 2-3 days ago and had your old number. Meant to try to find youe new one and ask Cotten’s evergreen 🌲 question: “what’s the Lord saying?” Nice to run into this online. Go, Champion Woman! Swing that sword. Drizzle that honey on the toast. You are appreciate soooo much.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen. I’ll do the same.


    • Amy, so good to hear from you. Your encouragement always means so much to me. Thanks for reading and for always spurring me on. Let’s definitely talk soon.