Miracles All Around Us

Perspective: What is the Lord doing on the earth?

Because we tend to spend more time listening to the news of this world than time in God’s truth and in prayer, we can become more influenced by what our eyes see than the TRUTH that we can’t see.

The truth is that the current state of the world does not surprise God (2 Tim.3:1-9), and His Truth and His Work SO outweigh the bad that our eyes tend to focus on.

May our eyes and hearts be set on truth.
And may we “require His Presence as our greatest need” (Ps. 27:8 AMP), which we HAVE!

—— From God’s Heart:

I AM Keeper.

Keeper of the stars, the heavens, and the whole earth.

Just look around and SEE what I am constantly, continually “doing”.

PEOPLE live and multiply.
Physical bodies grow,  take breaths,  hear,  taste,  speak.
Hearts beat.
These are all constant, beautiful MIRACLES that you experience for yourselves and are all around you.

Every day is FILLED with them, My beautiful handiwork!

Oxygen, gravity,
the sun rises and sets…..
I tell the tide, “This far and no farther”.

ALL that I am currently doing is all around you.


Open your eyes and give Me glory and bow before the Lord, your God, your Maker.
I am your greatest NEED, and I am right here present.

Call out.  Look to Me.

Draw near (James 4:8).

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