A Question to Consider



“What do you want?”


Have you ever taken the time and truly contemplated the answer to that question?
Of course for many, the answer comes immediately.

If you are currently in physical pain, then the immediate answer of “health” or even simple “relief” is already on your lips.  Or if you are waiting to find that perfect spouse, then that may be what immediately pours forth from your mouth.

Whatever the current pressing situation is, then you have your answer..
Or maybe the response flows out of joyful ‘wants’: a new car, the newest phone, the kitchen remodeled, etc., etc.

But let me reframe the question for your consideration:

Hear the voice of God, your Loving Heavenly Father, Who is all-powerful and can do anything, hear Him ask the question,


“What do you want?”



Would you decide right now to take some time to sit with this one before the Lord, your God? Not what you ‘think’ the answer should be or what you even think the answer is, but let Him show you.

What do you truly, really want?

You may even need to ask it a few different ways:

1) Lord, show me what I want, really.

2) If I could ask for ONE thing from THE Giver of all good things, what do I want to ask for?

3) Lord, what do You want me to want? (Because we truly want what He wants, right?)


What do you truly, really want?



I pray for every reader who comes across these words.  I pray that they would not rush.  I pray that You would have them set aside time to seek You and give them the time to wrestle out their answer before you.  I pray for the journal-ers out there to put pen to paper and seek their own hearts and to seek Yours for them.  What do You have for us all to learn here, with just a simple question?  Holy Spirit, show us. May we have ears to hear and eyes to see and hearts that long to know what the Spirit is saying to the Church, and may we listen.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.



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