You ARE Loved

From the Father’s heart for you today:



This is the beginning, the end, and all the in-between parts of your story.

It is who you ARE.

Allow Me and My love alone to identify you. Stop allowing any other measurement to ‘name’ you.

You are MINE and called by My name. And I alone get the first AND final say.

You need not strive to GET what you have already been given.
You need not look around frantically for the acceptance that you’ve already freely been given in Me.

Receive My love, My child.
And rejoice in your wild, abundant inheritance.
Fully given.

And use it.


Now perhaps even with pen in hand (expecting Him to answer), let’s spend some time basking in and receiving this truth by pressing into and asking a few questions:

-Lord, would you show me where I am allowing other measurements to name me. Show me ones that I am not even aware of.

-And where am I striving for acceptance while you are calling me to rest in You and Your full acceptance? What am I striving for that I already have fully in You?

-Lord, I receive Your love for me. Help me to know more of it and to be named by You alone. Would You remind me (John 14:26) of one verse that You would like me to meditate on and hide in my heart this week?

-Lord, how can I more and more find my identity in You? What do YOU say about me?

Friend, have you accepted this assignment with pen in hand and have no idea where to start in answering one of those questions? Just start writing and tell Him about how you don’t know, and let Him begin to show you. Just put pen to paper.

Thank you for joining me on this daily adventure. May we all allow His love and truth to transform us, our hearts and minds, that we may be changed and free and courageous.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

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