When it’s Hard to Trust God’s Love

From the Father’s heart for you today:

Sometimes My love is uncomfortable and even ‘feels’ restraining.

And My kids end up looking something like that kid being held against their will in a loving mother’s lap, not knowing that they are actually being saved from danger.

But even better than the best parent, I just KNOW better.

I see the big picture. I know what is dangerous right in your midst AND right ahead on your current path.

So allow Me, THE all-knowing One, to direct you and even restrain you at times from taking a detrimental turn.

Wait with Me.

Could you just rest and relax, trusting My love? Give yourself to the peace of protection that is here in My loving arms.

It’s so much easier and less panicky and stressful for you when you just relax and trust Me to lead you well.

Avoid the ‘the kicking and screaming thing’.


And trust Me.

I am a good, good Father.



-My friend, would you just spend some time being very honest before the Lord and share your heart with Him (He already knows) about where you question His goodness in His handling of your life. Ask Him to show you the truth according to His perspective.

-And depending upon where you are, this next one may be hard and a sacrifice but one that will be worth it: Would you commit to trusting Him in the unknown and in the impossible to understand and ask Him to continue teaching you? If that is you, the answer is found spending heart to heart time with Him in prayer and in His Word.  I promise you that He will meet you there in a powerful way that heals up your heart so that you can trust again.

-May we seek Him and ask: Lord, show me where I am resisting Your wisdom and good handling of my life. And then may we repent and choose to trust Him.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

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