It’s Your Turn: At His Feet First


Today it’s your turn.


Have you ever noticed how in the Psalms, David starts off lamenting or complaining about a certain situation or person or just life in general (being really real and honest because God can handle it and already knows the attitudes of our heart) and then at a certain point there is a turn?


There’s a point where either God is speaking or David is suddenly speaking forth the answer to His problem or thanking God for the truth.


Have you ever noticed that?


Well today, taking the “at Your feet first” message to heart, that’s what you are going to do.


I encourage you to do it with the pen and paper and journal your thoughts, but you are free to do this assignment however makes sense to you.

Just set aside the time today to pour out your heart to Him.

Pour out whatever is on your mind, whatever is on your heart, whatever is currently worrying or concerning you, whatever you are fearing or questioning or wondering. Who are you upset with?  What troubling situation is overwhelming your thoughts? Talk to Him about it.


Lay it out clearly before Him, not because He doesn’t know but because we learn a lot about how we are feeling as we put words to the feelings. He begins to show things to us as they really are. Just talk to Him honestly. And be HONEST about it.


You don’t have anything pressing right now? That’s fine too. Maybe just start talking about how you don’t know what’s going on inside you emotionally or mentally.

(You can talk to Him about all the good too!)


But here’s my challenge for you today: keep writing (or talking to Him) until “the turn” happens, until you are hearing His love for you and getting His answers and His thoughts on the situation or circumstance or trouble.


DO write these thoughts down, however you would most naturally, so you don’t lose them. It can be bullet points, poetry, long form, as a teaching (from your Resident Teacher- John 14:26), etc.


There’s no right or wrong here.


What did I just ask you to do?

Here’s the succinct assignment: pour out your heart to Him like David did until God starts opening up answers however you hear Him. Simple. Don’t make it any harder. And do it! Pretty please.


You are doing the writing on Day 11 of write31days!

Praying for you!


And I would love to hear from you if you take the challenge.



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