An Unfailing Love



From the Father’s Heart for you today:


I love you with an unfailing love, a love that cannot be broken or fractured or ‘bent’ in any way,

a love that you can’t affect.


My love is STRONG and steady and constant all the time and is NOT deterred by any circumstances.

I see, have compassion, and move on your behalf, always, always.


So when it ‘feels’ like nothing is happening, when it ‘feels’ that I am silent and ‘inactive’ or distant and unaffected by your needs or prayers, KNOW that I am always at work, always intimately acquainted with all your ways and your circumstances of life and that I AM presently WORKING and moving on your behalf for your GOOD.


NO thing is too big for Me to handle and to handle WELL and heal and bring to completion.


Don’t give up! Because I never give up on you.



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