The Just Because-ness of His Love


From the Father’s Heart for you today:


Just because.


Bask in My “just because of Who I am as your Father”

and “just because of your position as My child” love,

the ‘just because‘-ness of My love

and how it has been shown.


I am your Creator from eternity past. I formed you, called you, had a plan for your life before the foundation of the world and gave My Son to redeem you. I pulled you up from the pit and set you on a high place.

You sit on a high place, seated in the heavenlies with all you need for life and godliness at your disposal and ALL spiritual blessings.

All that I AM and all that I have is yours. Take it, freely given, not earned, and live like you own it! Because you do. Use it. Put Me to work.


It’s like My people sit in wheelchairs longing to run, thinking that they can’t, when they are perfectly healthy, strong, and able to arise and run marathons of power! Rise up!!

I fill and I ‘fill‘ (make full). You can be fully satisfied in Me and in Me alone.

And yet look around you. You have been given so much more: “the so much more of God,” above and beyond what you truly ‘need’  (because I AM truly all you need).

There is no need for the world to draw you away. I AM the only thing that satisfies. And I am ‘here’…no searching or begging or working to earn… I AM….and you are Mine.



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