Flee the Voice of Strangers

From the Father’s Heart for you today:


My sheep know My voice. I call them by name and they follow (John 10:4,5,27).

You are not just part of the ‘flock’ and therefore only get My attention as I direct everyone as a whole.

No, I know you by name, knowing just what YOU need and how YOU need to be led.

Let Me lead. Follow.

I love you, not just because I love My children and you just happen to be one of them.

No, I love YOU.


And I am not ‘unmoved’ by that love. Receive.


Receive the full measure of My love and care, My loving kindness, My faith, My hope. Receive. And put it to use.

May you fight for and from that place of knowing your real identity.


Don’t give in to the powers of darkness, to the world system that is vying for your attention.

For your ‘rest’ will only be found in believing in and trusting My word of truth.

Know My Word and flee from ‘the voice of strangers’ (John 10:5).



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