Lead Them to Jesus


As we draw nearer and nearer to His heart of love for us, we will walk in a faith and bold confidence that bears fruit and allows Him to pour forth His love through us to others.


“Conduct yourself with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity (redeeming the time).” Colossians 4:5


What if we took that instruction to heart?

Imagine asking the Lord throughout your day’s encounters with people, “Is this an opportunity?”

And as we honestly think about that question, of course it probably is, and then asking,


“So how can I make the most of it?”


May we choose to fix our eyes upon Jesus and be obedient to Him rather than obedient to our fears.

Which will it be?


People need Jesus.

Above and beyond all the other ‘stuff,’

every person we come in contact with NEEDS and hungers and thirsts for Him, whether they realize it or not.



Give Him.

Give of His truth.

Give the love of Jesus.

Introduce them to the love and power of a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe.


And ‘teach them how to fish’ for themselves. They can pray, they can read the word, they can find healing, they can have their own access to a Living God Who longs to give good gifts to His children.


This will probably require us to take many more risks than we are currently taking and require a lot more faith.

And in response God says,

“I have faith for ‘it’!

And I live in you, so you have it too. That goes for anything! Borrow My faith.

I have faith for it ALL.

Go for it and trust in Me

and ‘swing for the fences’.”


May we take our eyes off of ourselves and our fears.

And may our fear become faith

because we have our eyes on Him and on His perfect love, which casts out fear.




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